This day, this beautiful day, made all of the thousands of hours of work by many, many people very worthwhile. The individual monuments pay tribute to those who have served, or are currently serving our great nation. Also on these stones are 173 names of servicemen who were willing to sacrifice all to give us our freedom and allow us to live the American dream. The monument at the entrance to the cemetery is a sight to behold. As you can see in the picture below, the etchings are fabulous. When this monument was uncovered at the end of the ceremony, the sounds coming from the crowd were inspiring and very moving. There were shouts of joy and tears of sorrow as the grandeur of the stone was seen the first time by one and all. Finally, the emotion was felt as waves of onlookers could wait no longer to see for themselves the names of those whom they held dear to their heart. Hundreds left their seats and found their way to find their loved one's name. Yes, it truly was a wonderful day!! Congratulations to all of our Adams County service men and women whose names are literally etched in stone. You will not be forgotten. 

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To honor all veterans that have served in Federal active duty, who are from or who have resided in Adams County , Nebraska with an appropriate Monument that will preserve their names for posterity.

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Mission Statement

November 11, 2007. What a wonderful day!! Hundreds of caring citizens came to Parkview Cemetery for the dedication of the Monument. We were all  blessed by beautiful weather and passionate people who spoke from the heart about what it means to be a veteran. When one looked around, you could see tears shed by those who were listening to every word that was coming from the podium. 

This site is dedicated to all who served